Honey Bees!

We got our first swarm of bees from a local honey store a couple weekends ago. It was fascinating! My husband has wanted to have bees for a long time, so his excitement was contagious. We went to Copocos at the appointed time. They did a great job organizing so they could give demonstrations on Read More


A Few Moments To Remember…

Tonight as Joshua was playing in the shower, I looked out of the window. Such a small, simple, every day thing to do, right? Well, those few minutes changed my entire day. Though the picture may not look like much (and you can see the reflection of our bathroom light), that view reminded me of Read More


7 Days And Counting Down!

As we wait for closing day, there is anticipation, incredulity, excitement, and even some terror.  🙂 It’s like surfing this huge wave with all the exhileration and focus of accomplishing something you’ve never done before.  I got to do some surfing in Costa Rica on our honeymoon, so the above picture totally captures how I’m Read More


Blog Facelift

I have a new picture at the top of my blog. And I am writing about it because I want to thank Patrick Hegarty for donating this picture to me. He’s an excellent photographer and captures a lot of the birds and wildlife of northern Colorado in stunning ways. Thank you Pat, for this amazing Read More