Tomato Tuesday!


Harvest time is almost complete for summer gardeners here in Colorado. Peaches are still ripening here, and my in-laws actually have a beautiful little tree that’s produced some wonderful fruit!

Tomatoes are coming in and the peppers are mostly done. It’s an exciting time of year because everyone is excited for some cooler weather and spending as much time as possible outside while they can enjoy the last few warm days of summer.

It’s a time of year that reminds you of changes, especially with such a controversial presidential election coming up in our country. Oy!

But, back to the garden! I love the fall and there’s so much joy in picking your own produce. But it’s a sad thing when it comes to an end. I hope to soon be interviewing all the local CSAs and gardeners I can find to talk about what they do with their time during the winter months!



Change is inevitible, but it’s hard to accept a lot of times. Then sometimes we long for a change or the change we have hoped for doesn’t come along exactly as we dreamed it would. Life is such a journey and I hope you are enjoying yours. I hope this season finds you content where you are at and joyful for all the things you have!


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