Family Friday


Cache La Poudre River in the Rocky Mountains.

Home Grown On The Range is not just about gardening and being self-sufficient. It’s also about how we as individuals and together as a family are growing on this journey to a farm. My parents and siblings crossed oceans together, met many different cultures together, ate foreign food together, found friends and had to say goodbye to them together, and it has all made us very connected to each other. The journey my husband and son and I have been on hasn’t been quite so dramatic as my childhood was, but no life is without adventure! And we strive to make the most of it.

My husband and son at our new local mall.

Our weekends have been so packed lately that we decided to say no to all other events this Saturday. We need some rest and time alone together. It’s not a decision lightly made when we have friends we want to see, and other friends who need help, but ultimately, we must care for our marriage and our relationship with our son before anything else. Yet another benefit of defining our goals together so we are on the same page!! It makes a huge difference in our marriage. I hope you take some time this weekend for whatever and whomever is most important to you. Here’s to feeling rested and joyful this weekend! 🙂

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