Tomato Tuesday


We are having a beautiful rainy day! I’ve read that Colorado has the highest count of sunny days per year in the United States, so rainy days are very special. 🙂 We are enjoying some tea, playing on the floor, and some quality time together.

The tomatoes in my garden are plugging away, although they are definitely slowing down because of the cool nights. Hopefully it will stay warm long enough for them to finish ripening!


This year I am blending up my tomatoes and freezing them in ice cube trays for easy use later. We have a small freezer, so a bag of cubes is much easier to fit than containers. And I definitely don’t have enough tomatoes for canning. So sad.



We can use frozen tomato cubes in sautees, soups, or anything else! I’m starting to ferment some things (more on that in another post) and I’ve canned, dried, and frozen garden produce before. How do you like to preserve things from your garden?

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