Injured For The Best

With all the instant access to news all over the world, it’s easy to get bogged down with all the horrible happenings in the world. Then there’s all the experiences you see online that you wish you could experience yourself, but seem totally out of reach, or wishing you could be more like your friends because they seem to have their lives more in place than you do. I will come back to this in a little bit…


To finish out 2016 I had the flu and pneumonia for a couple weeks, and the last three weeks have been spent in recovery from an injury to my ribs because of all the coughing. I think I still have a week to go before my ribs will be fully healed. So I have a new empathy for people who live with chronic pain. You never realize how much you use a muscle until it’s painful to do so. This is the first week I’ve been able to breathe without being afraid of a deep breath, although I am still very much afraid of a sneeze. 🙂 The simple tasks of getting up out of bed, getting dressed, picking up your child, grabbing something from the cupboard, all become a trial with a rib injury like I’ve had. I’m so grateful it’s healing! The point? I never thought much before, about getting out of bed or reaching up to get something from the cupboard. I just did it! When you’re used to staying busy, it’s easy to take the simple things for granted and you tend to forget to sit quietly in order to focus and think about where your life is at and where it’s going. Anyone else have that problem???

When you’re injured and not allowed or able to go through your normal routine, there’s a lot more time sitting and thinking. It’s not bad or wrong to keep up with the news or keep track of your friends, by any means! On the contrary, those are good things! But all that time resting and not being busy with housework and exercise and friends, has been very good for me. I have thought a lot about how blessed I am to have a normally healthy body that rarely gets sick. How blessed I am to be able to do all my own housework and cooking! How blessed I am to be able to take care of my son myself when many mothers have to work outside the home!! How blessed I am to have so much more than what I need!!! I started realizing I spend way to much time just trying to pass the time instead of packing the day with things I would love to do. We are about to move onto a farm, which will take a lot of work to build up and maintain. A busy schedule is going to become a very quick reality! And if I can’t learn to start budgeting my time to get everything in, it’s going to be a very difficult transition. So I came to a very important conclusion.


My focus for this year is consistency and balance. When it comes to New Year Resolutions, I prefer to have a theme for the year, something of my character that I want to improve upon. I have always struggled with being a “free spirited artist” with a tendency towards spontaneous activity based on what feels good in the moment. This year I am starting to home school our son and we are completing all the requirements for becoming foster/adoptive parents, not to mention moving onto a farm to build a business. I simply HAVE to become more scheduled and disciplined in how I spend my time, or these things will not be successful. It is time!

The best part is that I’m actually excited about this plan! Striving for consistency and balance this year is not going to be a chore, because I’ve been looking for the motivation to move that direction for some time now. I’ve always dreamed of living a simpler life…. When it comes to consistency, I need to plan ahead for weekly activities. What’s the list of priorities and how will those fit into each day? Where can I fit some time in for myself and for Steve and I as well? When it comes to balance, am I keeping the most important things at the top where they should be, and cutting out those things that don’t fit into that list? And so on…

I’m happy to report that Joshua and I are on our second week of casual home schooling. He’s only 3, but he loves to learn so I’m keeping it fun and light. Progress has been made!! And I’m so grateful for that! Steve and I are going through Josh Tolley’s classes on “The Meaning Of Life” and I highly recommend them! You can find him at It’s helping us define our priorities and rearrange our life to better reflect what’s most important to us. Amazing guy! I am also using a wonderful planner that includes pages for prioritizing, brainstorming, and even keeping track of your budget (yes, all in one book!) from Ruth Soukup at I’m not paid to refer these people, just sharing how much they are helping me and my family. 🙂


Back on the topic of instant access to life all around the world…. It’s so easy to get distracted by how everyone else is living life. It’s so easy to life vicariously through others. It’s so easy to be sad and wish your life was different. But the effort of choosing to live YOUR life and make choices that bring contentment and joy to you is definitely worth the time and energy! Don’t you think?

What is your goal for this year? Do you have a plan in place to help yourself accomplish it? Define your top goals and then work backwards to set up steps to help yourself reach those goals. Just start with ONE! What step can you take this month to move towards what’s most important to you? Let’s go!!!


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