Update On Last Week’s Offer

It comes down to this.

They rejected our offer.

So sad.

However, we saw another proerty today. We all loved the house, but the location was all wrong because it was right next to a huge intense farming dairy. I think that’s what you call it. Poor cows. I would get so angry living there seeing them walking around in mud and poop all the time. Not to mention the smell. WOW! The house was beautiful though, with plenty of space.


Our realtor is such a wonderful friend. He keeps reminding us we will find the right one. After waiting for 9 years and praying so consistently all that time, it’s so easy to be impatient. I think impatience becomes especially hard at the end, too. Those last few months, weeks, days, hours, seconds…. It’s like time slows down right when you want it to speed up. Sheesh.

So the search continues. Isn’t it amazing how your dream of something can be so hard to find? I have all these ideas in my head of how I want our place to look, but finding that place is an entirely different experience than the designing of it in my head.

Here’s to hoping for a new place to call home soon!


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