Another Update! What?!?!?! Oh Yes….

You will not believe it. We are under contract!!! Yes, yes, we are. 🙂


We heard from our wonderful agent earlier this week that the sellers’ agent had asked if we would make another offer. And we said, “Hmmmmm….” So we made another offer, and wha-bam! Hahaha! Brian told us Wednesday evening at 9pm that they accepted our offer.

I can’t believe it! So now I’m learning how to get a well inspector and what they do to check your well. We are scheduling a home inspection, unless the recent one is well done (thank you family members who know such things!). And we need to find a new insurance agent for our new home if everything checks out. Not to mention more paperwork concerning all the finances.

I’m learning a LOT about buying a home! 🙂 I feel so grown up! It’s amazing how you can still feel like a “youngling” until you have certain experiences under your belt.


Anyhoo, here we are. 🙂 < That is a really huge grin on my face that I have to put in here so you can get a virtual glimpse of it.

Our closing date is March 29th should everything proceed as planned. And we can start moving in April 1st!! Wow. That’s only seven weeks away…… The Lord is so good! I hope to be showing you all some pictures of our new place in April!!! One of our biggest dreams just might be coming true!

By the way, if you need a good real estate agent, Mr Brian Franzen is a great friend of ours. He dedicated himself to helping us find the farm we’ve dreamed about for 9 years. He truly loves to serve people and that makes him a top-notch agent in my book!

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2 thoughts on “Another Update! What?!?!?! Oh Yes….

  1. Tammy proctor says:

    So happy for you! It’s so good when things come together knowing God is in control. I heard you wete looking in the Eaton area. That is my old stomping ground, I love that area.

    • Christine says:

      Thanks Tammy! God knows exactly when we need that little boost of things going well, even though it seems that He is often late in that regard…. 🙂 We have been looking in the Eaton area! Our church is in Eaton, so we wanted to move closer.

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