Waiting and Preparing To Move In…

We have about three weeks as we wait for our closing date; 23 days to be exact. 🙂 There were a couple minor things on the property that needed to be addressed, but that’s done. Now I’m looking for boxes and packing stuff up around the house a little at a time; books, extra food from the cupboard, seasonal clothes, etc. Next will be the decorative stuff… It can get pretty dusty out here on a busy dirt road, so if I dust everything now before packing it, I’ll be done with Spring cleaning before Spring even arrives! 🙂 This is also a great time to eliminate everything we don’t need, so I’m selling some things online and sending other things to the local thrift stores. We are also going through Joshua’s toys so he can pick which things to get rid of and which things we should keep. I must say that I’m often surprised at what he chooses to keep and what he decides to give away.

If you haven’t seen the articles circling around the internet about how to clean up your house and have less of a mess with kids, I highly recommend finding one. I have found it to be true that less toys are better. Joshua would frequently get a bin of toys, dump them out, and then just look at them, often not even choosing something to play with. That doesn’t happen anymore. He’s able to find the toy he wants and plays with it for longer; half the time it’s an empty oat tub, some other recycling item, a kitchen tool, or even a rock, instead of a toy….. Hmmmm…. There could be an entire blog post just on that! It also seems that I have less cleanup on my plate as a result. Maybe that’s because I don’t have to bug him as much about cleaning up??? Not sure… He always has to clean up his own messes, so I’m not sure at this moment why I have less cleanup myself. Hahaha!

If you’re like me and prefer to have a plan so you’re not cramming the week before you move, here’s a list you can use! The best part is checking things off. 🙂 Check! Check!

Anyway, as we begin to pack up our house, we are also hashing out what the plan on the farm will be. We’re setting a plan for getting the garden going right away, which means putting up the greenhouses pretty quick. That’s the really nice thing about this place. We won’t have much fixing to do around the house, so we can focus on the garden and get that started. Other than that we will need to take down a huge cottonwood that’s in front of the house, get electricity in the garage, and set up an outdoor shed as an office and sewing room for my parents. The cool thing about your dream plans is the checklist of things that would have bothered you somewhere else, are now a joy, an adventure.

I am also taking a blogging class called the Elite Blog Academy! I will be learning exactly what I want to write about, how to put it together, and everything else about earning an income from a blog. I’m SO excited! And hopefully you all will be able to notice a difference. Right now I’m just writing about our journey to owning and operating a small farm in Colorado. But I am working hard to make this a blog that benefits all of you as much as it blesses me. Thank you for being interested in our story and supporting us by simply reading about our adventures so far!  🙂

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