7 Days And Counting Down!

As we wait for closing day, there is anticipation, incredulity, excitement, and even some terror.  🙂 It’s like surfing this huge wave with all the exhileration and focus of accomplishing something you’ve never done before.  I got to do some surfing in Costa Rica on our honeymoon, so the above picture totally captures how I’m feeling. The only amendment would be a 3-year-old standing on the shore doing something he shouldn’t and me shouting at him to quit it or he’ll be in trouble.  🙂

We have had a few family meetings to discuss what the plan is after we move in. The dream has always been to grow vegetables to sell, but we need to have a step by step plan in place with some goals so we are all headed in the same direction. Especially me, I like to have a clear mental layout of the path ahead so my expectations are as close to realistic as possible. So far, this is what we have.

We have pretty much decided where the green houses will go, so during week one we will rototill that ground. Week two we will cover that soil with shredded leaves and branches. This is an amazing technique we learned from a video called “Back To Eden.” All of us used this method last summer and it’s amazing for water retention and keeping the weeds out; not to mention it provides a constant compost right around all the plants! After the ground cover is down, by week three we should be able to build our green houses to cover those areas. We are hoping to start with three total. Week four we will build a rocket mass heater in one of the green houses so we can move our seedlings out of the house and into the greenhouse.

Of course, these are just guidelines. 🙂 I know some of you experienced gardeners are saying to yourselves, “Good luck with that!” Very few things ever happen exactly according to plan and it’s rare to get a project like this done in line with your specifically calibrated timeline. We have never built the kind of green house we decided on, nor have we ever built a rocket mass heater! I expect we will have quite a few, shall we call them, “learning opportunities!?” 🙂 But it’s great to have a plan with some goals in mind!

So to my tens and tens of readers who live in northern Colorado and have any interest in setting up green houses and farming, this is your chance to participate! Keep tabs on my page and I will let you know when we are ready for volunteers!

On the home front, our apartment is looking empty while simultaneously filling up with stacks of boxes. Moving is such a great time for re-evaluating what needs to be cleared out. Joshua is growing so fast that it seems I’m always looking for the next size up in clothes; it’s time to clear out the rest of the smaller clothes we were saving in hopes of another baby. I will trust God to provide if He ever allows us to have more children.

Also in this week’s family news, Dad has had successful cataract surgery on both eyes, and Mom’s heart issue has been diagnosed. Mom has “sic sinus syndrome,” which means a certain node in her heart doesn’t work 30% of the time; it’s unusual for someone in their 60’s, but we are so grateful for the wonderful technology of the pacemaker to keep her heart from overworking itself.

In spite of all that’s going on and the list which needs to be checked off, I still find time to get “bored.” It’s pretty incredible really…. It’s so easy when you’re 7 days away from stepping into your dream life, to daydream about what it will be like moment by moment…. and then get back to the now and be thoroughly done with all the preparations. Anyone else??? It is a daily lesson in remembering to be thankful for what is good, and grateful that I get to look forward to being immersed in something I’ve dreamt about for SOOOOOOOO long!

So if you’re in some comparable situation, let’s hold virtual hands and focus on everything we have to be grateful for as we work hard on what needs to be done today! Now if I can just keep my son from climbing the stacks of boxes….

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