A Few Moments To Remember…

Tonight as Joshua was playing in the shower, I looked out of the window. Such a small, simple, every day thing to do, right? Well, those few minutes changed my entire day.

Though the picture may not look like much (and you can see the reflection of our bathroom light), that view reminded me of all the years of waiting and praying for this place we now call home. There’s no lake, no mountains, no fields covered in flowers, nothing all that extraordinary or special….. except that what I saw, is mine! Granted, everything we have in life is a gift from God and truly, He is the owner of it all, but He gave this little section of 5 acres to us!!!

As I looked out that window I was reminded of how grateful I am for this beautiful house, the land, and all the supplies and tools left behind by the former owners. Sometime soon I need to write about that because everything about this place just confirms how perfect it is for us, right down to all the stuff they left behind (and it’s not junk!). So many in the world have spent today without three meals, without their own bed, without running water, without shoes or clothes, some of them have had to flee for their lives or suffered torture…. And while these things are sad and break my heart to contemplate, I HAVE to keep them in mind regularly. Why? Because it reminds me to pray for them and it reminds me of how blessed I truly am.

I’ve been feeling tired and so ready to be done with unpacking. Discontent was sitting on my doorstep. But I’m SO grateful for those few minutes at the bathroom window because that shut Discontent out and sent him packing! I’m pretty sure that gratefulness has come up in my posts before (probably a lot), but it’s just that important. In the United States we have so many conveniences and so much wealth that we tend to forget how good we have it. At least I know I do. Our family is pretty average, not rich or famous; we just work hard, striving to spend wisely and make everything count. But we have more than a lot of people do…

What are you grateful for today???

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