Honey Bees!

We got our first swarm of bees from a local honey store a couple weekends ago. It was fascinating! My husband has wanted to have bees for a long time, so his excitement was contagious.

We went to Copocos at the appointed time. They did a great job organizing so they could give demonstrations on how to set your bees up in the hive. Did you know that the “hive” is actually the box or dwelling of the bees? And a group of bees without a home is called a “swarm.”

We also got to watch our queen get marked so we can identify her easily if necessary. Good thing they were in the car with the windows shut, because she got out for a few seconds!

Everything went smoothly when we got home. The queen, in her box, was put into the hive with a small plug she could eat through in order to get out. This gives her and the swarm more time to bond to each other to lessen the likelihood of them rejecting each other.


We had to cover them up because of some cold weather we had last week. They didn’t have last summer to build up a store of food and honeycomb to help keep them warm, so covering them up saved them some energy as they got established.

A few days ago, we checked on them. The queen was out of her box, so we removed it. And they had built a small honeycomb around the box she was in so we removed that as well. Check it out!

So the bees look great! We still have a lot to learn about them and how to take care of them, but so far they seem to love their new home. We are getting another swarm with a queen this weekend!

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