Kiwi, The Sweet and Tenacious One

There are times in life when it seems that time itself stands still and everything hangs on a moment. Saying goodbye to our sweet Kiwi (right) was one of those moments and it seemed to take a lifetime.

We had only been married about a year and sadly had to say goodbye to a faithful dog friend. So we decided to look around for a Blue Healer companion for Max. Kiwi was the first one we saw and it was love at first sight. 🙂 She had been found wandering in a city after all the fires in Wyoming about 7 years ago and someone rescued her. She came right up to us, sat down, and had a short little conversation with us before going to find a ball to nudge at us. We knew right away that she was the perfect fit for our family.

When our son was born she loved him at first sniff. And she was a constant guardian for him.

Kiwi was a dog driven by play, especially fetch. I still find her balls around the yard, and it makes me choke up every time. It’s a conundrum to me because the culture I grew up in saw dogs as pests and possible food, never pets. And I have always thought it was silly how westerners cried and posted so many pictures of their pets after they passed away. After all, a pet is an animal, not a human being.

However, this is one of those situations where the time comes for you to experience something yourself and you find out just how wrong you were. Dogs are such a great example of loyalty and unconditional love. You can even treat them badly and they will still love you and come up to you wagging their tails in ecstatic joy. It is who they are. They teach you discipline because of their dependence on your faithfulness to feed them and care for their health. And when you do treat them right, they will reward you with a devotion that is rare and should be cherished.

Kiwi was definitely one of those animals. She had bad hips because of some botched surgery before she came to the rescue, and yet that never slowed her down or hindered her desire to play. Seeing her unable to stand that last day broke my heart. It still does. She still had heart and her mind, but her body just wouldn’t work anymore. And so, I apologize to anyone who has lost a pet and didn’t receive sympathy from me. It takes patience and discipline to care for animals and they were given to us by God to be in our care. They can be such wonderful companions and bring such joy and comfort.

Kiwi my girl, it’s been a month, but I still miss you. I thank God for you and all that you taught me about giving of myself. Because of your unexpected departure, I cherish my other animals more and look forward to learning all I can from them. I am so grateful for all the sweet memories I have of you.

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