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Hello! My name is Christine. Home Grown On The Range was inspired both by where we live along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, and my desire to chronicle our journey to owning and operating our own farm. My husband and I have dreamed of a farm ever since we got married in 2008. We finally moved onto our dream farm in the Spring of 2017. The journey so far is well worth remembering and I hope you find something here that will encourage and/or inspire you on your journey in life. 🙂 I look forward to getting to know you!

For those who would like more detail read on:

Thanks for spending some time with us here online! This blog has come about because of years of hoping and praying for a farm. Ever since we got married, we have always had a garden and dreamed of one day owning and operating a farm that supplied the community with fresh, artisan produce, locally crafted products, natural meat and eggs, crafting lessons, DIY classes, etc…. but I’m getting a little ahead of myself. 🙂

Let me tell you a little bit about us. My Dad always had a garden when I was growing up, but I was never interested in the work it took to grow things, until I married Steve and got to stay at home. We both wanted to eat more healthy and “everyone” knows that growing your own food is the best and cheapest way to do that, right? 🙂 In fact, on our honeymoon we visited my sister, who was working on a farm in TX and the days we spent there inspired our dream of one day owning and operating our own farm.


So as soon as we got home from our honeymoon we got to work transforming our eighth of an acre into a garden to start learning what we could about growing our own food. I looked online at videos and articles, we took walks around town snapping pictures of other peoples’ gardens, compared notes with our friends who grew food, and even organized a day of visiting each others’ gardens to teach one another what we could.

In the midst of all this, only eight months after our wedding, Steve was unjustly fired from his fire fighting job in Denver; he was cleared by the state after an investigation, but that is now on his resume and affected his ability to get another job here in Colorado for a long time. For five years, Steve focused on being a Paramedic and got contract jobs in Alaska and down south close to the huge oil spill. It was pretty rough being apart for a month or six weeks at a time sometimes, but God brought us through it and finally gave him a local job as a Paramedic here in Colorado. Then things really started changing!

We were blessed with a baby soon after we settled into spending life together more than apart, and that meant moving. A couple of our closest friends offered us a great apartment at an amazing rate and we moved. They also graciously allowed us to use part of their yard for gardening, which gave us a whole new set of lessons to learn. After four years in that aprtment, we got to move onto our own farm!!!


It’s amazing how a dream can give you so much hope. Through the years we’ve been married, Steve and I have often wondered if we were really supposed to have a farm after all, because of all the obstacles which have popped up. But something would always come up to renew our desire for a farm and even inspire more ideas of what we could do with it! The truth is that any successful person usually faces a string of obstacles and even failures as they grow and learn to overcome; turns out those are an integral part of becoming successful. 🙂 It was nine years before we were able to move onto our dream farm, but we kept plugging away, looking for the next step, excited to see what would happen! Sure, we lost sight of hope sometimes, but in the end it was definitely worth waiting for!

So here we are, chronicaling our journey for ourselves as well as for you. We want to keep track of the lessons we have learned and we hope that some of these things will be helpful and encouraging to you in your journey. Steve knew as a child that he wanted to be a Paramedic, so he became one. Me on the other hand, never really knew where I was going, but somehow, the two of us were given an entirely new direction at the zenith of our journey together. It’s pretty exciting and we hope you will join us for as long as you can. Maybe we can teach each other something new, make each other laugh, or inspire each other to keep after our dreams!!